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1 Gram 100x Standardized Salvia Extract 
The 100x is our most powerful salvia extract. This extract is created by taking 100 grams of salvia and concentrating it down to one. This extract contains 200 milligrams of salvinorin-A and is the best standardized salvia available. Our extracts are made using strict quality standards and contain only pure Salvinorin-A and salvia leaf. The 100x is a very high potency extract. Also, the leaf was grown in its native region of Mexico which is Oaxaca. It is grown 100% organically and blessed by the shamans before arriving to us. We then take great pride in producing the highest quality extract in our facility in Southern California. 
Must be 18 or older to purchase. We do not ship to states where salvia is illegal.
Item #2000

(You will get one 1G bag of 100x salvia extract)

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